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Hello Gorgeous Being!

How about that to jump-start into a new year? 

If you felt that header tickle your senses I hope you're 

as excited as I am that you are on this webpage! 

Hi there, I am Mik.

Actually, I'm the water whispering sailor captain nomad of consciousness that chose to hang around Belize for a while. This remarkable place where I am staying is a gift to share. And so it came about that Water Whispering Shores™ was born. 

All the info is in the videos below here on the page: You can hit play and just scroll your way down to find out what it's all about and if this is for you!

but, I just love to write a bit...  {smiling}

In the videos here I introduce you to the possibility of a Seaside Retreat as an alternative or even a step up to my Exclusive Sailing Retreats. Not everybody is comfortable stepping on a boat on to the sea and this possibility shared with you here gives the possibility to benefit from the MikMoves Water Whispering World™ from the shore with shallow waters in an amazingly beautiful secluded area, yet absolutely comfortable in every way. 

I warmly welcome you to this webpage! The fact you are here means a lot. You have come close to a possible adventure, a journey to self that will create a lot of freedom in your being and thus in the choices you can make in your life. 

You are invited to watch the videos. Let them give you a peek about what you will find here and give you an idea of who I am as well. 

I like things personal and keeping lines short. So, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I am open to chatting, zoom and skype to introduce myself personally to you. 

Mik introduces the possibility to Seaside retreats. Without having to go sailing you can benefit from MikMoves Water Whispering World™. In the video you are referred to more short videos showing you around while sharing more details.
​​Mik introducing a new possibility..
How many people in groups?

Contact me 

Use Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, and let's get face to face on Skype or Zoom or even Messenger app. All my contact details are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Come, experience the magic of the water!

You will feel genuinely in touch with your true self like you have never been before. Are you willing to receive the powerful contribution of these beautiful clear waters?

a little bit of how this works and..... what about that palapa?

The healing powers of the endless moving water world

Let yourself be guided on an adventure into this endless moving water world by your water whisperer captain and facilitator, Mik. Born on the water and at ease with any drop, she will guide you to explore you beyond what you are today.

Discover your latent powers of thought and creativity that are unconditionally unique to you. In the sweetest way possible!!! 


Flexible when and how long to come..
the colors some days...
jungle garden greens and sounds

Water, the Juice of Life

Whether it is a river, a sea or an ocean, the water has a profound influence on your well-being. With my life at sea, I can acknowledge all this. And there is much more to it.

Simply imagine the invigorating feeling of a nice swim. What about the "shower-power" sensation? Washing away the stress of your day and revitalising your spirit.  And don't you just love the tranquil sound of rippling water?  I am sure that you grasp what I mean, but we are going to take this a drop deeper.


Think of how relaxed you become when you walk along the beach away from your daily responsibilities and problems. You can clear your mind and get a fresh take on things. Hence, even a sea giphy on social media can change your mood, right? I aim to show you how to use this to your advantage more than you naturally already do; I am not called "The Water Whisperer" for nothing..


The vibrational capacities of water deeply affect your body and mind. It has an efficacious influence on your brain, intensifying your mental potency. Effortlessly!

And there is even more.. You will learn when you join me.


in the water...

Impressions of the garden surrounding the venue and the lovely shady and breezy palapa


Our private Chef is Maria!

OMG! You are going to love the Marvelous Maria!


Maria is Italian and she lives here in Belize. With her Italian English and the translator handy , she will have you in tears sometimes, hehe.. yes, she is thát funny.  She is such joy to be around, you will have so many laughs just being around her.  That is a promise! If I can get a picture of her I will post it here somewhere. 


Maria will take care of us, fixing whatever we like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How about that?

She will be creative with a menu to die for with a blend of Belizean Italian dishes. As we get close to knowing what everybody likes to eat, we'll be able to narrow the details down. 

You will be asked to give your food preferences and we will let you know how far we can honor that. 

Snacks, fruits and refreshments will be plentiful all day and you can be sure there will be some fun surprises to spoil ourselves rotten..  
All meals, snacks and drinks are included in your retreat. 

Another tasty reason to join us! Bon Apétit!

The Amazing Extra's

Excursion to Maya Ruins at the Sea or up the River.

You will visit a beautiful Maya ruin site. And I have two options that depend on how many we are as a group. 


One is located at the seaside, called Cerros, which is a road-trip along an adventurous road, crossing a river with a man-powered ferry taking the car across to the other side. 

The other is Lamanai where we will go first by car and then on the riverboat tour that takes us to a jungle trail to walk up to the archeological site. 

Both sites have their own water signature to it and the magical Mayan energies will surely blend well with all the holistic transformation you are going through during the retreat. 

It will be a whole day excursion and it's included in the retreat. We will go out for dinner at a remarkable place when we return to our own Shores. 

Are you excited? Can you sense the energies? 

giant trees twins.. Caracol Belize

Belizean Restaurant & Rum Cocktail Party


Bonus Gifts!

  • First of all, you will get a beautiful journal notebook to keep up with your changes, new insights, and other adventurous revealing discoveries of self. 


  • You will receive a gift of typical Belizean nature. A special token for you. You'll see. 

  • and there's more, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.. 


Water Whispering Shores


  1. The Water Whispering Shores™ program
     - 2 private one-on-one sessions with Mik (you can always request for more)
    - diversity of group sessions spread over the day and the duration of your stay 
    day excursion to one of the Maya ruins with water signature; including transportation and entry fees. 


  2. your accommodation: studio or shared condo

  3. brekkie, lunch and dinner prepared by the private chef (unless as a group we decide otherwise)

  4. and one restaurant outing on excursion day

  5. shared shuttle service from and to the airport

  6. a typical Belizean token gift to thank you of your life-changing choice to join a MikMoves retreat

  7. a stylish Notebook to keep a journal of your process

Enjoy being here for the wonderful downtime with like-minded spirits to relax, sit back, chat and adore, drink wine or rum and eat yummy chocolate.. 


  1. Your flights and additional travel expenses

  2. your accommodation during layover times

  3. your accommodation outside the retreat dates

  4. personal shopping you choose to do, whether it's food, snacks or souvenirs.

  5. travel and medical insurances:
    get in touch with our Travel Agency Journeys of the Spirit for possibilities. They can also help with flights etc. 


​You are travelling to Belize. The destination is Consejo Shores in Corozal District. 


Check that your passport is valid (at least 6 months) and whether you need a special visa. 

On entry into Belize as a tourist, you get a 30-day visa. Check for your own nationality which rules apply.  







from Saturday to Saturday..

What works for you? 


16 - 23 NOVEMBER






About Belize, 

Belize is a beautiful little country in Central America with only roughly 350.000 people living there. North is Mexico, west and south borders with Guatemala.


It is still a third world nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west.

Offshore, the massive Belize Barrier Reef, dotted with hundreds of low-lying islands called cayes, hosts rich marine life. Belize’s jungle areas are home to Mayan ruins like Caracol, renowned for its towering pyramid; lagoon-side Lamanai; and Altun Ha, just outside Belize City.

Belize was once colonized by the British, which has resulted that English is not the only but the main spoken and written language in the country. 
More history about Belize here: 

. ​


How to get here

  • You can check for flights to Belize arriving at Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport - BZE, Belize City‎

  • Your trip continues from there: You will be picked up for a drive up north to Consejo


  • If time schedules become totally weird you can come via a flight to Mexico, via Cancun to Chetumal. A taxi can pick you up from there. 

  • Contact us first before you book your flights! 


Accommodation 1


At a neighbouring condominium especially for us available a two-bedroom condo at the seafront on the ground floor. It's an amazing spot!  
Availability until 20 December​.

Then again 2nd and 3rd week of January. 

Other condo's of this layout on availability on the ground floor or first floors with ocean view

Accommodation is included in your retreat price and this option means the use of one bedroom with a queen-size bed. You share the condo with the guest(s) in the other bedroom.

First come first go applies to these condos! 

  • 1,401 sq. ft.

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1½ Bathrooms

  • Utility Room with washer & dryer

  • Covered Deck

  • Air Conditioning

  • Sliding screened windows

  • Tiled floors

Accommodation 2


The studio is at my house, it is the dark pink first-floor level where the outside stairs lead to. It has roof access with splendid sea view and you look straight into the treetops of the neighbouring park with its birds, breeze and seashore sounds!

You will be at the retreat venue... breakfast is served downstairs.. ;) 

This studio is on the first floor with access by the outside stairs. The roof patio is all yours!

Accommodation is included in your retreat. 

First come first go applies! 


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Contact Mik directly 

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What did others have to say?

“Things change easily when you decide to work with Mik. I think maybe one of the best advantages of being on board with her is that she's a clear example of how to be yourself. She actually creates that space for you. Combining the exercises and the facilitating sessions have given me so much more of me.”

Caren / Business Start-up

“Coming onboard with Mik it shocked me out of feeling sorry for myself a bit. I was obviously holding a lot of stuff for a long time. I really attribute to the Water Whispering trip as having brought a lot to a head for me. After quite a challenge in life I am flying high like a kite again. I am so full of energy now.

Jane / Yoga teacher and Wanderpreneur,  Ireland 

“Because you're on a boat the process and the facilitation just goes on! I totally broke out and beyond my comfort zone and I must add it was a surprise to find how soft the water was to me.”

Gea  / Netherlands

“Clearly, where I held back before, I now feel great space and confidence in stepping up as me. I am spreading my wings and presenting myself in a bigger way than I could and did before.”

Eliza  / Creative writer and illustrator


Mik in the Press

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 23.53.58.png

And then lastly, Who is Mik? 

Of course, you want to know who you are going to work with 

How do I know what I know, and am I fun to be around?

More interviews with Mik here:

Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 22.29.32.png

Mik, founder of MikMoves®, Your Captain and Facilitator

I live a nomadic life. I'm a sailor, life-coach, photographer and writer. I have been moving around ever since my early childhood, and that bohemian thread throughout my life has a strong tendency to move people around me; emotionally, practically and physically. Hence, the MikMoves® name. 


A physically fit and healthy 51-year-old and mother of a 21-year-old daughter. Freedom I sought all my life, and even with my little one, whom I raised by myself, I found it by following my awareness and being my authentic self.  I never settled for one direction in my life. Never sensed life was about choosing this OR that; I always had the freedom in my mind of this AND that. 


When observing people and issues, I sense the many sides and angles instantly. I sense the opposites and everything in between. That way I don't judge or conclude, but hold my vision high, guiding me to make choices that are in alignment with who I am.


I would do it all again in a heart beat!

The expected and conventional way is not my way of doing things. I seek originality and change with my talents and capacities. I become proficient at whatever I set out to do. Several creative 'professions' in my life have accumulated into a "nomadic sailing intuitive life coach taking pictures and writing books about the adventures"; And-and-and...

So, What else is possible?


Despite some impacting life experiences I continue choosing an extraordinary authentic, happy life with genuine big smiles on my face, lots of laughter throughout countless awesome, beautiful adventures. Nicknamed Giggles for good reason and always positive thinking in solutions and infinite possibilities for avoiding problems


Endless energy and smiles, adventurous and in love with the oceans, the ocean skies with its stars and planets that reveal only out there how stunning they are. Considered a creator of magnitude and world changer, I guess I can say, I walk my talk and have successfully inspired many others to find their authenticity taking away their fears and insecurities to make either small or big decisions in their lives. 

The true journey lies in the act of creation. Artists, Designers, Innovators, they know exactly what that entails. I enjoy teaching the process of creation and how this can definitely also work for you. 

High time to go to the bookings page and reserve your spot 



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