Embrace your capacities

Enhance your life

During the 'Sail into Consciousness' 

sailing retreat you and your shipmates will go


on a journey beyond your comfort zone. 


Wherever you have lost touch with the real you


and the dreams you wished to accomplish,

here's the chance to set it right




and get control over your life back. 


10 days

aboard a luxury sailing yacht,

a beautiful comfortable catamaran

cruising the British Virgin Islands,

enjoying paradise 


clear water, warm sun

an exquisite onboard menu

luxury en-suite cabins

chill on the cat's nets





dive into the realm unseen

a place where you go beyond

what you ever knew


when going alone on that kind of journey

you reach that spot where 
this is as far as you can go

Until here and no further


You get stuck. 


On this unique retreat, you can go further.

You can go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Spotting the barriers and clearing them

you will create new space from where you can build again.


You will receive excellent facilitation assisting you

and showing you exactly how to do this.

You will be invited to release whatever is stuck.
No worries, we'll find it. 

You will learn how you can effectively release it

and let it go of it with an ease that will surprise you.


So, in short, we are going to:


Clean up your energy fields 

Make space

to Create something totally new.


This retreat is an intense cleanup 

and  will inevitably change your life

or the aspects of your life you choose to change.



Detailed info coming soon


Contact us if you can't wait