You are the entrepreneurial woman who's very cool with what you have accomplished in your life and career so far, and now it's time for something new. 

Maybe you have reached the point where you are ready to sell whatever company you have built or you already did. Maybe you are accomplished enough to leave a leading role in the company you work for. Or you want to start your dream business and desire to unravel the vision for that.

Whatever the case, something is brewing! You want to get it out and into the world without procrastination. No running around the bush, but deliberate hands-on action. No wasting time, but effective results.

You already know how to create, yet deliberate awareness would be a gift. Wanting to take it further with new concepts for a project or a business, on this retreat you’re going to access that part of your awareness that will give you all the clarity you require. 

And isn’t it a tremendous bonus to gain exponentially in your private life and your relationships at that. You're ready for this?

• no wasting time, but create now
• get out of the boxes keeping you stuck
• accelerate with your new business and project concepts
• you love the game-changing experience
• expanding your unique vision is exactly what you need
• with exclusive expertise walking the talk that you can trust