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What if this is the time?

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What if this is the time to get aligned with what you desire in a more practical way than ever? What would it be to you if you knew you were ridding yourself of the unseen blocks that are causing your procrastination, that cause your money flows to slow down, that trip you over and have you sidetracked before you realise it? It shows itself to you by that discontent feeling in your gut. You’re not on the right path, not in alignment with your true self... that’s what that is telling you. What if you listened? And what if you were prepared to look at it and receive the guidance to move through it with ease? Even when it gets a little uncomfortable, know that someone has your back and has seen it all and will guide you through to get to unbelievable comfort instead. Do you even know anymore what that feels like? Cán you even relax? Are you even aware of how your body is not relaxed and how unconscious you are about that? Yeah, it’s true for many. So, what if you could change that in a comfortable and effective and fast way? Save yourself some time? What if you knew the way to make that last? This is what I specialise in. [..]

Number three in a series of voice clips presenting the MikMoves voice...

"A New Decade Dawning"; Text by MikMoves, written on 7 November 2019.

#2.2 Voice clip

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