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Triggers to Let Go and be happy

Below my quickly written notes on what came up. In the video a bit more elaboration. • I would like to remind you of my release event on 19 January, a Sunday. A GREAT AFFORDABLE way to get acquainted with how I do releasing as a trained coach in that and how you can do it too.. Click here to go to the events page

• There's also an Awareness call on the 9th where you can join the exploration of what is Awareness actually. It's all on the event page


° R E L E A S E & M E D I T A T E °

°Being judged, I don't care it says more about the one judging. Question is, do I need to be aware of it? Or do they need to be confronted with me? If so, let('s) go for ease. 😉

°Being ignored, what projection is actively distorting the communication? Is it even real? of course not, so relax. What if you are a tall ship to someone else? That requires some stardust..? ✨ 🙌

°Being taken for granted every day. No appreciation. That last one bugs me the most. Gonna let go of the bug today. Maybe some things get to be different for me ánd the 'non-grantees' afterwards. 💫💪🙏

>>People looking just one way at you. and not willing to change that. It's all about them though. But we tend to start looming at ourselves to fix it. Especially when it's repetitive, a daily situation. Like work or at home. Doesn't matter.

When you turn to your inside world you can change stuff so dynamically this is to be practised to experience it. To not be bugged... To not be reacting.. Not inwards or outwards.. To be aware but not at the effect of any of it.. Then what can you choose, what can be different?

How? By letting go.

Letting go is like meditation with your eyes open while walking in the woods or on the beach while swimming or standing in line at the supermarket counter... It's a muscle to exercise.

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