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TBT.. Picture clip

Updated: Feb 9

Here's a fun clip I came across. Perfect as a Throw-back-Thursday post, I believe. © MIKMOVES® - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED A picture clip of the great 2016 sailing journey. A short but sweet clip though! with a nice tune.. thanks phone, for creating such uplifting memories for me!

Truly, who would have known!? In summer and fall 2016 I sailed an ocean crossing on a beautiful catamaran that started in Darwin, Australia and cruised via a few Indonesian islands onto the wide "Indian O" as I call it. Many adventures of phenomenal impact unfolded; both underway the sailing and when we stopped at several islands. We sailed around the north tip of Madagascar instead of taking the south route and then crossed the Mozambique Channel to make our way south along the east African coast all the way around Cape of Good Hope to Cape Town. A five months-long journey to never forget for so many aspects of it! Colourful, intriguing, messy and chaotic and yet so adventurously beautiful. I am finalizing the book about this journey that is aimed to finally be published in 2020. 🤞


Marina Puerto Del Rey
Fajardo 00738
Puerto Rico