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Start your 2020's off..

Updated: Feb 9


Start your 20’s off with truly establishing and embracing your significant intentions for a new decade. In February you can come aboard to join my unique program to purify your entire being and eliminate the returning humps in the road so that you can actually propel forward without the resistance you have become used to. Given new tools and insights for a new way to invite your dreams into this reality, you get to start creating your new life and future straight away. What would that mean in your life? In your business, your relationships? What would you love to see lifted from the burdens you bump in into? Or the hurdles you don’t even try to tackle anymore because they seem so persistent that you just go round them? [..]

Number two of a series of voice clips presenting the MikMoves® voice... "A New Decade Dawning"; Text by MikMoves, written on 7 November 2019. #2.1 Voice clip © MikMoves®



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