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Updated: Feb 9

There is something indescribable about sailing out in the wide-open, on oceans that have no boundaries for miles in sight and days -and nights- on end. And it is those nights that mesmerizes me the most every time again. And every time I think of it.

And I think of it every time I look at the night sky while I am also on land. It's beautiful, yes, but not mesmerizing. Not by far. Even in the darkest of places, it is still not the same as when seen from the ocean. Call me spoilt. I am.

When the sky is black and all the stars and planets have come out to shine, that's when I feel myself afloat in the Milky Way. And I am home.

Once I understood the shape of the Milky Way, I could grasp what I saw, and I learned to understand the Milky Way when I got to see it 'out there'. It's amazing! Absolutely mind-blowing.

And all the while I am moving on the waves - it is such a magnificent feeling! That sweet rhythm of sensual movement that I know could die down into stillness or liven up into roaring rages of 21 feet high. I experienced both.

It is this knowledge of the power of the oceans that keep me in blissful gratitude of that sensual sway -There, my hashtag #sensualsailing explained! It's when I really, really enjoy this moving forward with the sails up catching the wind to power the boat through the water.

And while I am looking up at the sky it is still this wind that I feel in my hair and on my skin. It's my sensors to the direction and strength of that wind. And it is the rush of the water along the hulls of the boat and it is the sound of a tugging line or a flap of a sail followed by a bounce of the boom or the beep of the autopilot, that together decor the silence of such night watch hours.

I cannot wait to get back at t sea. It seems the Univers has me on hold for a bit.. Besides all the work, preparing and promoting the exclusive sailing retreats, and all the imagining that is being done to contribute to my dreams coming true, I have to believe and keep the faith that something super fantastic unbelievable is cooking.. I can't see it yet. But it's coming.

I imagine an adventure as thrilling and exciting as the hours of sensualness under the Milky Way night sky.. on the ocean. On a sailing vessel with character and elegance that I call my home for another while.

How did I ever get so freaking lucky? I wonder... How can it get even greater? What would it take to go beyond what I have adventured so far?

I am so ready Universe. I will show you again before I go to sleep tonight so that you can bring it on...😘⛵️😁🧡

~ Mik Moves

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