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Losing the View

Updated: Feb 9


Sometimes people get so hung up on how they view the world. They forget to perceive their own world or forget about the role they play or have played in creating that world.

When we dare to go where there are no details and no analysing of rational factors and reasoning of causes, it first seems scary... Sometimes terrifying and paralyzing.., but what if that is merely the resistance you need to go through.. an illusion of the mind holding you back from entering unknown territory?

Where the magic is. Where new concepts arise. Where you find YOU. The authentic you. You creating as personal authority.

What if, when you do get there eventually, it is like travelling to your fun vacation destination? It soon becomes easy.

But the biggest question I hear the most in the silence of confusion is, "Yes, but how?"

What is it were as easy as in the calmness of no thoughts? A mind that can shut up for a while and you can swim in the enjoyment of who you truly are.

Creating space for you to create "new" and receive "the new" that you wish to create in your life. This is the requirement for creation: you need to be able to receive too. Allow it.

And to let go of whatever is in the way to that receiving, that is key. How about building up to that momentum that it becomes blind ease and a no brainer.., just letting go of anything that doesn't serve you. Like it's your second nature.

It will awaken your Awareness.

I tell you more about this and how to comfort your mind and I guide you with exercises in actually doing it during one-on-one sessions tailored to your personal situation. They are so expansive!

Wherever your perceptions take you from there I guarantee you that your view upon life will have changed.

And then what else is possible?

How does your life get even much more better?

It's all about YOU. You are a miracle.



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