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Updated: Feb 9


The Group Release is on January 19th. Links to get involved and sign up:

Here's a great testimonial:
"Ever get that sinking icky feeling in the pit of your stomach that gets you all twisted up? And you just can’t seem to shake it off? Mik has a way of having you look at heavy sticky energies that get stuck in the body. The Release technique that she guides you through is easy, practical and it works. There was one particular thing I was stuck on for months and she guided me to get present and look at it. Having gone through the process, now it's totally gone. I luv that! More space and more ease with moving forward energetically with that particular thing that had been sticking me. Are you ready for more ease? This is your chance to experience what a release is like. Easy peasy. This is an hour and a half of facilitation and guidance! And…...only $49.00" ~ Joanna from Canada

Releasing or Letting Go whatever is bugging you, whether its emotions, beliefs, assumptions, etc., it's releasing stuff that you created somehow in the past.

It's playing itself out and influencing your life as you live it today. So basically, when you release you are revising the past in the moment of now.

With that, you can start creating something new for the future.

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