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Cherries on the Cake

Writing this on 24/02/2020. I am going to be studying. Probably all day just like yesterday and the day before that.. And tomorrow.. TURNING WATER INTO WINE I am studying my thoughts and revising them where they are in any way related to past experiences having left a negative thought pattern on which my mind and imagination are building today. It's extremely intense. Takes a lot of 'behind the scenes' work. I am not quieting the mind, as people say, because that doesn't take away the seeds of the shit that's stored in there; that's just giving it a time out. Last summer I did a Vipassana meditation of 10 days (not my first nor my last..). That's intense cleaning in total silence. You can look it up if you want. While meditating the weirdest thing was occurring: Many scenes based on impactful memories kept passing through my mind. It was confusing. The mind was not shutting up at all.. Or was it? It was also not projecting the actual memory of those scenes that I know very well.. into detail even. These scenes took a turn somewhere in it's duration changing the course of events as they had actually happened back in time. I spoke with my teachers and asked how to approach this phenomenon. I was advised to just go with the flow and certainly not fight it. I agreed. I could believe it was my Awareness, my Consciousness 'bridge' that was assisting me greatly in processing these negative imprints from the past. It did that by turning these scenes into possibilities where I had altered reactions to those same conditions of the past. And thus I was revisioning of the past into a better outcome for the future. It was like I was reclaiming power over myself and the situation I was in. I had no clue that this would be 'a method' or that it even had a name. I was just doing it. Without intention from 'my mind'. But something 'in' me had decided to do this Vipassana also for the reason to clean up some crap once and for all. It's interesting how my process of gaining more and more Awareness about the creation process is intertwined with this. And how the following 7 to 8 months after that Vipassana sitting have been so intensely insightful. I know I created all that myself. Whether good or bad that followed (both did) it doesn't matter. The point of no return has come anyway. The guides, meaning persons and writings, I have found along these past months are gifts from my own Consciousness. I asked for the answers – from a state of being- and there it came. How wonderful! It's easier to connect the dots once some time has passed by. But it became crystal clear to me what this is bringing me. And I am impressed and immensely grateful I can take this time and opportunity to learn, digest and implement all this knowledge coming to me. I love it. I have found the 🍒 cherry on the cake on the process of creation. I didn't invent this of course, I FOUND it. I didn't bump into it though, I see very well where I was ready for more and the synchronicities came to pass. To get to the core of this, a thorough clean up of negative imprints is required to stop the negative thought flow. So I 'watch' my mind. And I revise. Sticky stuff that keeps rearing its ugly head in a variety-upon-variety kind of way I address with a deliberate release session. Thank God I know how to do this well! Wherever I have let my Awareness down I acknowledge the reflections of negativity I have bought into and where I have given it meaning, thus power. I revise it. It's intense. Costs a lot f energy. Hours fly by as if it's minutes. I give myself breaks. With coffee and chocolate. (now that I found the chocolate provision... ?) And I study my imagination. I look at my reality. And I go back to imagination. I see my body here or there. But I AM not there. I AM already on my elsewhere destination. It's funny how I have spoken and taught many clients and friends about my take on Awareness. About the body, the brain mind and about what is actually in power of creation. Or should be. Your Awareness knows best I would say. It never let's you down and by simply following the lightness of your being you become it, more and more. It changes your life. For many years now I 'preach' this and it's still not taken very seriously. Doesn't matter. We all have our own process and we all think we know better... Doesn't matter! For me, now at this point of my life experience, it's excitingly cool for me to see how I have been applying an elemental aspect of the power of creation that is being overlooked by many. Even those who claim to 'know it all'. When you're just mimicking and copying quotes to share with others it doesn't mean you actually practice what you preach, now is it? This is what is meant by turning water into wine. Knowing on the intellectual level what is important and 'how' it actually works is the water.. but the wine is when you get to understand on an experiential level. I can honestly say that the way I navigate my life, who is at the helm and who is on watch... Namely, the mystery of creation and how to apply the power of your imagination has been a golden thread throughout my whole life. I was onto this. Very very close to the truth but not yet understanding that I was. I had questions like, What is Consciousness? and what is this thing called Awareness? What is fate? Is it even real? And what about destiny and purpose? And how does that all relate to Faith? My 'prayers' have been heard and the answers arrived. Through seemingly simple connections with people online. Synchronicities. So, on a person level, I now take the opportunity with all my focus and attention to learn the details. To apply. To change. To find the bearing for the time to come and set the heading accordingly. It gets uncomfortable at times. My mind wants to resist. Thank God I am aware and have solutions to release that as well. But also, as the past rears its tail I am correcting where I have gone astray from my bliss, my lightness of being. Where I was tempted and pursuaded by others and their reality (their not synchronised imaginings with mine). I see how my awareness warned me and I even recognize the turning point where I trimmed my sails -so to speak- to my own course, the heading to the bearing. Hence, here I am, speeding up the process to creating something that will help many people. It keeps coming back to this part of my life: The Artist Way. The Art of Creation. Not the act of creation. Creativity and inspiration are the artist's leading role. And I guess, as my true nature is ONLY about CREATION, and I have done so in the form of many beautifully crafted artworks but also in the form of series of wonderful adventures taking me consistently beyond what I knew before.... And it continues in those and more forms to be presented yet. With my imagination in power over my inflicted mind, the world is my oyster. So this rainy day with flood warnings in San Juan is a day of innercise and revision and an exploration into the power of imagination. I will be writing more on this process later. I just saw I created something into this reality that is absolutely phenomenal and the quickness with which I did is astonishing. Radical in choice means taking leaps of Joy most of the time! 😁


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