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Creative souls, artists, designers, musicians, innovators, those souls that create the biggest beauty from scrap, know this "state of being" required to get to this flow of inspiration required to create whatever they are about to create. They understand at least from an experiential level to just follow the energy, go with the flow. Follow intuitive ideas and hunches and even knowing. I myself have been trained how to be this space of creativity with my own presence. As a daydreaming kid, as a professional artist with a BA and graphic designer, as a photographer and writer throughout my life, and as the creator of my nomadic life. And as the founder, captain and coach of MikMoves ®. So I know what I speak of.

Creating happens at a certain level of presence of consciousness that is different than the high-frequency thinking and calculating mind.

The state of mind would resemble snoozing time when you waking up but not yet actively thinking or doing anything. Or before you go to sleep. This is when your brain goes into alpha frequency state. You can meditate yourself there.

I call it the bridge between your Awareness (the bigger energy awareness presence that you are, call it consciousness) and your present reality. It's where you find answers to personal questions of the heart, so to speak. And also it's the bridge wherever you get to go to invite what you want to be to come to your reality.

There can be issues in the way, limiting you to your full potential. Only you yourself are responsible for that. But what if with some objective and observant eyes that can tune in to your energy field so you can pass these hurdles with ease. And while doing so, be already exercising that practically for the times to come?

And what if you were to find the answers to how to create further and beyond what you have done so far straight after while you are still in this spacious mindset... On "the bridge" and without having to figure it out for yourself, you get experienced guidance to speed up your process?

How many questions did I just ask you? And how many were answered?

And did you even get the gem I just revealed to you?

I am not the only one that knows this. And not the only one mastering it. But I knew it from Awareness.

I have seen it come by in bits and pieces. I have seen it come by in the full intensity of the knowledge. I have seen how it is overwhelming or woo-woo and abracadabra for many. Yet for me it's real. It is my life.

When I am not doing well, it's because I LET myself be sidetracked and distracted OR am in between creations, where sometimes 'stuff' scrambles up. Or I am creating something so new and so fast that reality has to speed up to me somehow and I need to slow down and wait for that so that all aspects of creation can get I to their place and space in this reality.

I have known this for years. Learned it by doing it. Connecting the dots of incredible teachers and teachings in my life. And, I tend to just "know" stuff... I always had that reoccurring realization since my childhood. So, Really, How do I do that?

I just do it. And I cAn show you how you can do it.

I know that you already know this. You wouldn't be reading this is you didn't. But you haven't found the control over it. And even if you set out to practice this, then reality comes in the way. Other people's points of view, thoughts, beliefs, their conclusions even about you, or worse, how your business should be run, etc etc.. And all that takes you away from YOU. You and your creations. Authentically yours.

I have set this right for myself several years ago. And I am succeeding. (Actually, I think I have done that several times in my life already and have always succeeded). Building something new from thin air. Literally. Step by step and sometimes with amazing leaps.

One thing for certain is that I also stepped up my game.

Your biggest desire might be to know how do you do this then? And I will answer you with a possibility that you choose for or you don't. There is no halfway. And that is:

How about getting started with clearing limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions? That is firstly the solution to get at that point where there is just space.. And creating from space is much easier, you know.. , when there is nothing in the way.

This is what I invite you to when coming on board with me.

And there is meaning, reason and practical logics to that water-based floating vessel too.

While we float on the mystical fluid blue and glide through these magical energies of the sea, you get to release so much sh*t you didn't even know you were carrying around. The water, the sway of the boat and the endlessness of space will support your process. You will be facilitated around the clock while soothed by the sun, warm winds, the salt and minerals in the sea, and last but not least the energies of dolphins and sea turtles and what else is out there... ;

Results will show in no time: You will BE so much space that creating new thoughts while more and more in touch with your true desires and purpose in life will speed things up for you big time!! It is a promise I can make you.

Where are you going to start? And when? It's half December.. There is still a huge discount of hundreds of euros/dollars if you book this month for a class style MikMoves Exclusive Sailing Retreat in 2020. There are several options to choose from.

More on that too this coming Thursday during the Facebook live.

To get prepared you might want to get Sailing Retreat information on the site!

and you can contact me directly for a free consultation to check out the benefits for you. Just send a message.

Or be present at the Facebook Live this Thursday. I will speak of benefits, what your days would be like, what we do, where, how, I will tell you about the vessel and why I chose this type of vessel. And whatever your questions might be, I can answer.

There is no time limit set for this Live, just a starting point. My 12PM (UTC-6) is same as 7PM/19:00 in W-Europe: to be sure of your time find it through this link

Hope you be there, also for all the possibilities besides sailing retreats, for when you have less of a premium budget but want to know more, coz there iszzz more... Courses 1.0 that can help you prep for 2.0 and master this same matter up to 3.0, so to speak.😉

What say you? 😊

Thanks for your time, interest and support.

Gratitude always, Mik.

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