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Updated: Feb 9

A year ago today, I posted this text below on Facebook. I choose to post it on the blog this time. And I decided to speak it out and create audio. And here it is. Listen or read.. or both! It's funny how this year the Monday, 20th January, started with early morning creativity on the roof here in Belize. And i was dancing, even though by myself, like it was a tango.. And I believe i am in a dance of life magnificence manifesting my greatest creation yet. How does it get even greater, even more different than it is now? Time for you to listen or read to understand what the h I am talking about ... LOL ;

20 January 2019
"A beautiful Sunday. Pampering myself and trying to resist 'work' 😅 but as that's so my focus it even feels unfair to distract myself from it. Alignment, vibrationally moving toward what I set out to create, becoming one with what is to be, drawing that to me and it drawing me to it. It's this kind of bliss aligning I am talking about. It brings all things and people required on my path. We meet. We connect. We inspire. We move on. It's a sensual and exciting tango. A dance of manifestation. And I love it. A Sunday like this one is perfect to refresh from outside energies pouring in daily. Like replenishment of your own energy space. Reconnect with awareness from the awareness point of view. Not connecting with awareness from the reality points of view. And there are so many. So easy to get lost or be distanced from your own. Well, I ain't gonna let that happen... I choose this day to listen to my Awareness guiding and even softly pushing me to exactly where I need to be.
There was a time when I was so lost that I didn't know how to connect with this "me" anymore. So much had happened, my compass was spinning and I didn't see clearly where I had to be, what to do or how to get myself out of that pit I found myself in. Funny enough though, my "me" which I sense as 'my Awareness' heard my despair just the same... It was hearing me all along but I wasn't hearing it.. And now it sent me the information required to find my way back to this "me", where I felt all the answers would be available to me.
I received an email, no clue where that came from besides it being a marketing email, I happened to open it, triggered by the subject line I suppose and I checked it out. It was step one to a journey of healing and recognition of capacities that had been numbed down, put to sleep or had never given the space to awaken anyway. Or capacities that I thought were normal and just were not that special considering no one around me was using them or talking about it. It's hard to live in a world that doesn't support "knowing" unless you have a way to prove it. Space for being 'different' is one you need to claim for yourself. And you're especially lucky when your surroundings are supportive of your weirdness.. Acknowledging yourself is vital. But anyway, step two, three, four etc followed.. And life changed. Rapidly one could say. And intensely too. Not once, but a few times, creating a string of changes that in hindsight are so logically aligned. Filled with practical, emotional, physical and mental aspects... Discoveries of Self. The vails pulled off revealing a treasure of (self-) Awareness. It's like opening curtains and letting the sun shine in.. Or out.. During the years that followed, I found this connection with my Awareness back. I recognized it. It had been 'a way of being' at other previous periods in my life where I created fantastically all kinds of things and situations. And by recognizing and actually acknowledging it I changed my functioning in this reality-way (mind stuff) back to creating from Awareness (sort of 'intuition' stuff). Don't get me wrong, it is a process and progress of sorts and I sometimes, occasionally, still get stuck with my back against the wall, reality-shit undermining me, that's how it feels, and quickly I resolve this through my own methods of flipping that switch back to Awareness ON as the no.1 navigation guide. My personal GPS, search engine and time machine.. 'Cause it just knows everything at any time that it's required. I am that, I am.
And so are you.
And when you have lost that connection and don't know how to rebuild it, or how to maintain it, I can support you in sharing how I do it effectively.
But today, as the sun is out and I am sipping yummy Mik brew coffee, I am grateful for this time I have to myself. Meditating, listening, asking, listening, envisioning, sensing, receiving and transmitting.. Aware of energies, vibrational frequencies, cosmic influences and releasing all that comes up in the thought mind. Choosing how I feel is also part of self awareness.
Wishing you an amazing-zing-zen Sunday. Take care of yourself.
Long Sweet Hugs, Mik ✌️ ✨ 💫

Video I posted with it in 2019:



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