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12 DEC

RESUMING the Awareness Calls!

Join Mik on a "ZOOM into Awareness" for only $10 (USD) Sign up here.

An online event with Mik hosting and guiding an adventurous discovery 'What is Awareness'? Going beyond the thinking mind... What can you expect?


  • What is "Awareness" to you?

  • How can you use your Awareness?

  • What's the difference with how you live now?

  • What does your thinking have to do with it?

  • What has Awareness to do with Freedom?

  • Ask your questions!

  • Maybe we get to do an exercise... 

    AND nobody is right and nobody is wrong.. !

  • What else is possible?
    So much can come up! Let's create a free-zone.

  • It's not for public viewing so that you are safe with whatever comes up for you. 

Find your TIME ZONE here: and add to your calendar! :

Click the image to sign up through the booking link:


MikMoves Facebook Live on Sailing Retreats

19 DEC

You are I N V I T E D to a Facebook LIVE on Thursday 19 December.

A short fun time online with Mik telling more about the Exclusive Sailing Retreats. What's it all about? 


  • what you can expect during your time onboard

  • how an exclusive sailing retreat will benefit your life and your business

  • arranging your own retreat for your own team

  • you can ask your questions


  • what else is possible?

Find your TIME ZONE here: and add to your calendar!

The sailing retreat WEBPAGE is here for heads up info:


For now, watch the short video and be inspired!

MikMoves on Women to Watch™


Super excited to announce that Mik is coming on the show with Susan Rocco! 

Watch this space for details as April closes in.
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Watch the video to learn more about Susan Rocco and her work with Women to Watch.