5 - 16 FEBRUARY 2020

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Are you an Entrepreneur? A Leader? A Creator? Are you a Pioneer?

Do you want results?   Do you have an open mind?

Then join me in February 2020 to kick off the new decade with radical excellence on this one-of-a-kind relax retreat where you learn how to get aligned with your goals to harmoniously create beyond what you can imagine now, whether you work alone or with a partner in your business.




The elegant catamaran sways gracefully to the rhythm of the turquoise sea. The dancing surface of the water has you mesmerized. Drops of dancing diamonds enchant the water. It makes you smile.


The warm breeze tugs at your hair... Activity on deck... With your coffee in hand, you watch the crew hoist the sails. Then, a pleasant calm ambience instils on the yacht as the sails catch the wind and kick up the catamarans speed...

Engines off. It's quiet. We're sailing... How effortless the boat glides along. Just the sound of water swooshing past her hulls. Voices smothered by the wind... 

Sense how your thoughts easily wash away while your eye is captivated by the motion of the sea.
You have instantly forgotten all your to-do's... It's time to FOCUS without any distraction on something more profound, YOU and your dreams for SUCCESS in your future. 


Surrendering to that peaceful infusion of calm relaxation;

this is your background for your coming journey. 



You have achieved great successes in your life and your career. You are doing very well.


And yet you know there's always that invisible hold-back somewhere in your performance.


The truth is, you too hit that zone where it gets more dense to get through. However, if you could, you would get beyond it. Wouldn't you? Like, as in now?

It's as if you know that greater things await on the other side. It's just that piece of self-journey to undertake...

What if that is fun, adventurous, faster than you could ever imagine, and effective also. Oh.. and easy.


And what if it were repeatable whenever required? As a life long benefit from a 10-day sailing journey in paradise? 

Watch the video here below for an impression to remember:



Wouldn't you rather invest ten days of your life in PARADISE in ELEGANCE and EXCELLENCE, than waste years of your experience with regret you didn't choose for EASE 'back then'?


Whatever your desired goal, when you join this opportunity, you'll grow faster beyond what's possible for you now.


When you choose to come aboard this magnificent catamaran to be pampered with beautiful views, delicious foods and top-notch coaching, then honestly, you are that AWESOME PIONEER with BELIEF in yourself to create even more FABULOUS than before.  How does it get even better than that?


A MikMoves Sailing Retreat:  WHY?

Easy. To get beyond limitations comfortably, fast and effectively. Because you fancy the fun of creation, not the drag. Period.

➡︎ During the sailing retreat, you will be introduced to a specific and powerful yet easy to learn way to move beyond the hidden agenda of your subconscious mind that keeps you from creating with ease that what you desire. 


➡︎ The concentrated time and the lack of distracting surroundings help you to focus in a relaxed style


➡︎ Instead of weekly sessions, you now get pin-pointed leading edge one on one sessions on a floating island, i.e. the boat. Meaning, you can not walk away and procrastinate the process. 

➡︎ The water-world you enter during this sailing retreat will nurture, empower and enhance this process while the elegance of the yacht and professional crew will support your comfort. 

➡︎ Your captain and coach, Mik, the founder of MikMoves®, will facilitate your individual and group results by sharing her gift and capacity with the water in addition to her exceptional observation and to the point way of coaching. 

➡︎ Mik is an expert in "releasing and creating" and you will learn how to do this and use this to your advantage to propel to greater success beyond what you could imagine in your business ánd in your personal life. 


A MikMoves Sailing Retreat:  WHAT?

➡︎  You will learn new ways to strengthen and harmonize your relationships, whether they are with the people you work with, your managers, your teams, or your business partners and even your spouse. Just imagine the power of that!

➡︎ This unique blend can propel you to new ways of seeing the world around you which can affect the way you create your reality in profound ways.

➡︎ You'll learn "how to create" more joyfully and magically than you have probably done so far in your business, possibly together with your spouse or partner.  

➡︎ The benefits of such a journey extend far beyond just business results and exceed long after the retreat, making it a life-changing experience indeed. 


➡︎ The tools and methods you learn to use are yours to keep forever. You can apply them repeatedly for all aspect in your business, relationships, your health and wealth. It's your treasure to take home with you. 

➡︎ And no worries for the long run with an After-Care program available for Exclusive Sailing Retreat Graduates! ;) 

A MikMoves Sailing Retreat:  HOW?

➡︎ Spread out over the day there are group and private sessions with Mik and program-related practical training on and around the catamaran or onshore. Every day will empower you to propel forward as you release on your specific subconscious or conscious limitations. 

➡︎ End of day and mornings are perfect for some water fun around the coaching program that is brought to you during the whole ten days aboard.

➡︎ During the nights we will be anchored or moored in one of the many beautiful bays.


➡︎ The sailing is done for you, but of course, you may lend a deckhand if you wish to. Sailing distances vary from a couple of hours to one day.

➡︎ We will be sailing from island to island, and you will have the possibility to visit some famous locations, beaches, bars and restaurants to make your sailing experience in The Britsh Virgin islands even more complete. 

➡︎ Start and end of the Exclusive Sailing Retreats are in Soper's Hole Marina on Tortola. 


WATER, the juice of life..

Whether it be a river, a sea or an ocean, water has a profound influence on your well-being. 

Simply imagine the invigorating feeling of a nice swim. What about the "shower-power" sensation? Washing away the stress of your day and revitalizing you.  Even the tranquil sound of rippling water calms the spirit! 


Think of how relaxed you become when you walk along the beach away from your daily responsibilities and problems. You can clear your mind and get a fresh take on things. 


This effect is AMPLIFIED when you get aboard this exclusive sailing retreat. Besides all the usual benefits, Mik, your private coach and the founder of MikMoves, has a way with water which she uses to your advantage during the retreat program.
This is an absolutely unique opportunity and you are one incredible awesome pioneer when you join the February retreat in The British Virgin Islands. (Or any of the retreats for that matter).



Surrender to the swaying of the boat to the ever-moving water below. Relax... Feel the perfect breeze cool down your skin while the sun is feeding your body with vitamin D. Hear the water softly running alongside the boat.

The water is bright and clear.. and the perfect temperature too.  Very inviting for a swim or a paddle... Grab a snorkel and fins and explore the seafloor while making your way to the beach. When you come back aboard, refreshments await and delicious snacks and meals are served by our professional chef.



Haute Cuisine from the Galley

It is without saying our private chef will spoil us to bits with excellent mouth-watering dishes.

Whether you are a vegetarian, pescatarian or a meat-eater, the delightful freshly prepared food will be satisfying beyond words. Your personal preferences will be honoured with creativity and grace.

Every morning the scent of freshly baked bread fills the air, blending with the unmistaken aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And as your captain is particularly picky about her coffee, you are certain -beyond a shadow of a doubt- to get the very best coffee we can find.


Relish the delicious, healthy cuisine with its tropical touch. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course healthy snacks during the day. Yummy juicy beverages and the occasional cocktail or wine will complete the menu.


All meals are prepared aboard, in the galley -the yacht's kitchen-, and with use of the bbq. Some days served buffet style, and other days you will be treated to a three-course menu while seated at the dining table. 

Another tasty reason to join! Bon Apétit!

Let us know if you have the fisherman's skills and we'll get the rods and lures loaded up. 


The Venue: A Sailing Catamaran "NO WORRIES"

The venue is a fabulous elegant 52ft catamaran with the name 'No Worries'!

How about that?  

Your moving hotel, restaurant and retreat base for a 10-day journey with every day a new back yard with spectacular views. Just imagine white sandy beaches and in paradisical turquoise blue waters. Sunsets and sunrises colouring the sky and the sea.. like in a dream.

The British Virgin Islands border the north-west of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. To the west, the US Virgin Islands are very close.


The retreat offers 11 fabulous nights and 10 beautiful, adventurous days aboard this very smartly designed luxury catamaran with comfort and compelling elegance!

Watch the pictures here in the slide show and get an impression of your temporary home.


Even without sailing experience, this superb venue is astonishing and gratifying. Being aboard a yacht like this gives a pleasure of magnitude. 


The cabins are spaciously designed rooms with comfortable queen-sized beds, closet space and a sink. All cabins have an ensuite bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

Are you stepping aboard?

Get in touch with me for the details. 



You're going to sail at The British Virgin Islands; The BVI, where in February it's all sweet warmth and the water is exquisite. 

We're going to be sailing from island to island. Every day a new back yard! 

Our total passage and the places where we will visit and stay for the night depends on wind conditions, as we are sailors after all. The retreat starts and ends in Tortola, at Soper's Hole Marina. 


Thanks to the water, the environment and the yacht, there is a lovely flow and natural balance between the retreat activities and your free time. 

Go to shore to enjoy the beaches, swim the crystal clear waters, snorkel the fascinating underwater life, or go on a hike and explore the facilities of the different islands.



Enjoy the renowned places where history, music (Kenny Chesney) and cocktails have been made, where circumnavigating sailors have anchored their boats and enjoyed a rum or two.., where the famous have visited and enjoyed themselves just like you will. Soggy Dollar Beach Bar, Foxy's Place, Willey T's floating bar, and Seddy's 'Only Love' Bar & Grill all possibilities to visit. 

Just so you know..

Hurricane Irma devastatingly hit the British Virgin Islands (BVI) on 6 September 2017.
The effects were significant, as we all surely know. The category five hurricane hit during daylight hours. It was so disastrous that some of that ravage is still visible in the area. We are likely to experience that here and there

We are impressed with the resilience of the local people working hard to overcome the traumatic event.  MikMoves is working with local businesses that have been severely hurt by the event and we love to be a contribution by being there. Here some beauties of the BVI in a video. 




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*Make sure to check to check Included and Excluded 



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Check for flights to Cyril E. King Airport on ST. THOMAS, US Virgin Islands and take the water taxi or ferry to Tortola. 

The water taxi can take you straight to the boat at Soper's Hole Marina. 


Check for flights to Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, previously known as BEEF ISLAND Airport, which is the main airport serving the British Virgin Islands. 


If you would like assistance in booking flights and possible accommodation, please get in touch with our Travel Agent Aleš Struna <>


  • EMBARK in Tortola, BVI
    5 February 2020
    Between 2 and 8 pm local time (UTC-5)


  • DISEMBARK in Tortola, BVI
    16 February 2020
    Between 8 and 10 am local time 


  • Please consider extra accommodation if flight times do not match these times.
    Also, consider your taxi and ferry ride times.


  • We can ABSOLUTELY NOT change our times to suit anyone's flights; 

  • If you arrive later or need to leave sooner, you have to arrange to get to or from where the boat is

  • To get assistance from our travel agency partner to get to the boat contact me




  • 10 full-on adventurous days and

  • 11 nights aboard a luxury catamaran

  • an air-conditioned ensuite cabin

  • with a queen-sized bed for yourself or shared with your partner/spouse

  • all onboard served meals and beverages 

  • The full  content and facilitation of the retreat program, including 

  • daily group sessions and practice exercises

  • private one-on-one sessions with Mik

  • and much, much more.

  • the MikMoves' Experience Notebook 

  • use of snorkel gear

  • use of sub-board 

  • towels and bed linen 

  • an innovative perfume free deodorant

  • a MikMoves hat or cap to keep the sun out of your face 

  • nautical safety equipment and gear onboard



  • flights, ferry, taxi and other possible travel costs to and from the yacht location on Tortola, BVI

  • any extra accommodation required onshore before, after or during the retreat

  • travel insurances

  • any meals, snacks, drinks, etc. that  you buy onshore

  • any onshore shopping

  • additional private coaching or energy healing sessions with Mik

  • your sunny's

  • and sun lotion! Bring something coral friendly! 

More detailed info on program content on the next page


Embark on the 5th February 2020


Book your ensuite cabin now.

Book per private cabin with max 2 person occupancy

(with queen-size bed and ensuite bathroom)

Your reservation and deposit are in a safe booking environment

through our travel agency partners. 


Want to chat with Mik first? You can!

If you can't decide instantly, want more information or wish to talk to Mik first, then get in touch!

Contact Mik by phone, WhatsApp or Email

and have a chat:

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*No worries, we never share your details with anything or anyone. 



About Mik

Of course, you want to know who you are going to work with 

How do I know what I know, and am I fun to be around?

Mik, founder of MikMoves®, Your Captain and Facilitator

I live a nomadic life. I'm a sailor, life-coach, photographer and writer. I have been moving around ever since my early childhood, and that bohemian thread throughout my life has a strong tendency to move people around me; emotionally, practically and physically. Hence, the MikMoves® name. 


A physically fit and healthy 52-year-old and mother of a 21-year-old daughter. Freedom I sought all my life, and even with my little one, whom I raised by myself, I found it by following my awareness and being my authentic self.  I never settled for one direction in my life. Never sensed life was about choosing this OR that; I always had the freedom in my mind of this AND that. 


When observing people and issues, I sense the many sides and angles instantly. I sense the opposites and everything in between. That way I don't judge or conclude, but hold my vision high, guiding me to make choices that are in alignment with who I am.


The expected and conventional way is not my way of doing things. I seek originality and change with my talents and capacities. I become proficient at whatever I set out to do. Several creative 'professions' in my life have accumulated into a "nomadic sailing intuitive life coach taking pictures and writing books about the adventures"; And-and-and...

So, What else is possible?


Despite some impacting life experiences I continue choosing an extraordinary authentic, happy life with genuine big smiles on my face, lots of laughter throughout countless awesome, beautiful adventures. Nicknamed Giggles for good reason and always positive thinking in solutions and infinite possibilities for avoiding problems


Endless energy and smiles, adventurous and in love with the oceans, the ocean skies with its stars and planets that reveal only out there how stunning they are.

Considered a creator of magnitude and change-maker pioneering my way through the galaxy, I guess I can say, I walk my talk and have successfully inspired many others to find their authenticity. Showing people how to step through their fears and shake off the insecurities to then see them make either small or big decisions in their lives that brings them true happiness, that's priceless to me. 


The true journey of living lies in the act of creation. Artists, Designers, Innovators, they know exactly what that entails. I enjoy teaching the process of creating with ease and I know this can definitely also work for you. 

More about Mik regarding sailing and coaching aspects: click here.



All right, enough said. It's high time to go to the bookings page and reserve your cabin or get in touch with me asap to talk it over. 

Awareness Rules onBoard!  

We are professionals at sea and we are going to take extraordinarily good care of you. Having that said we ask of you to be aware too. Being on a sailing vessel requires explicit safety rules and we as professional sailors take that very seriously while we have great fun performing our tasks! 

As a guest onboard, we like you to be clear that your captain is boss at all times! Safety of crew, passengers and the vessel is the first priority at all times for your captain. You will receive a mandatory safety briefing before we leave the dock. Before signing up we will update you on several matters.*  


Essentially important during this retreat, is your free time. Balancing the intensity of the work you get to relax and enjoy yourself with activities of personal choice within the time available. Yet, we do emphasize that you are not on a general charter vacation, and certainly not one in which to lose your conscious awareness. In that regard, during this retreat, drugs are prohibited and alcohol consumption is limited to certain events. That includes both onshore and onboard consumption. No exceptions..! We want you to be focused and aware to guarantee your success, getting the most out of your ten days onboard. And above all, we want you to be safe. 

Thank you, the Captain. 

*Please take notice of our retreat policies before you sign up.

Aye Aye, Captain! Safety first!



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