Are you a changemaker entrepreneurial woman ready to create something different? Stand out from the crowd with your authentic creations from now on? Connect with your intuitive awareness with ease and learn how to translate that to projects and business ventures. Be inspired, be motivated, and join this Exclusive MikMoves® Sailing Retreat aboard a luxury catamaran sailing the exquisite Caribbean Sea*.


Holistic Sailing Retreat

Caribbean Sea 

Puerto Rico 


Leaving the anchorage for today's sail..

With your morning coffee in your hand, you feel your sea legs gripping the deck as the elegant catamaran sways gracefully to the rhythm of the light, bright sea.


You notice the sparkling array of light playing over the surface of the nurturing blue water. Drops of dancing diamonds enchant the water, and you smile.


A warm breeze fills the sails and tugs at your hair. You watch the crew set course, trim the sails, and then a pleasant, calm ambience instils on the yacht as she glides along.


What beauties will you experience today?


While the captivating motion of waves catches your eye, you sense how your thoughts are washing away.
Gone are your daily chores, forgotten is this week's to-do list, any notion of deadlines has melted away. 


You feel a peaceful infusion of calm relaxation taking over in your mind like an effortless sensation.


Learn to Navigate

through the Mist of your Subconscious. 

Find your True Bearing,

Set the Course and Trim Your Sails 

Follow your Inner Compass.
~Captain Mik~

Hear the Sea kissing the sides of the yacht ..

Hear the sound of waves smashing on the rocks, or softly crawling onto the sandy beach, or gently kissing the yacht hulls. Imagine all that water around you.


All is moving, always, even when it's still.

Uncomparable to anything else, you will sense the potent and exhilarating healing powers of this 'Blue Space' on this unique retreat.

Close your eyes and believe you're already there; you're listening to a calm voice taking you beyond all borders of your reality into a new realm of lightness and space.  

With expert facilitation, you're taken further on a journey beyond what you know now. You may expect to be ignited with creative, inspirational thoughts and ideas that you can use toward your new business and projects.

Experience the ease of authentic creating

  • During this retreat, you will be guided to that epic space where you're genuinely in touch with your true self. 

  • Enhancing this process is the powerful contribution of these beautiful crystal clear waters

  • and a set of practical tools and exercises presented to you in private coaching sessions and during the intimate group activities.


And this is WHY we Sail.. to be on the Ocean!

Water, the Juice of Life.. whether it be a river, a sea or an ocean, it has a profound influence on your well-being.

With my life at sea, I can acknowledge all this. And there is much more to it..

Simply imagine the invigorating feeling of a nice swim. What about the "shower-power" sensation? Washing away the stress of your day and revitalising your spirit.  And don't you just love the tranquil sound of rippling water?  

I am convinced that you grasp what I mean, but we are going to take this a bit deeper..


Think of how relaxed you become when you walk along the beach away from your daily responsibilities and problems. You can clear your mind and get a fresh take on things. 

I aim to show you how to use this to your advantage; I am not called "The Water Whisperer" for nothing..


The vibrational capacities of water deeply affect your body and mind. It has an efficacious influence on your brain, intensifying your mental potency

Effortlessly! And there is more.. You will learn when you join us.


Come and find out what you can do with this

Let yourself be guided on an adventure into and onto this endless moving water world by your water whisperer captain and facilitator, Mik, to explore your latent powers of thought and creativity that are unconditionally unique to you.  Have a chat with Mik to discover more first?



Sail into your own Oceans of Awareness 

While sailing with us, you'll be moving into a majestic space of peaceful knowing, into Oceans of Awareness.


Clear the fog from your brain, get out of the mist. Go beyond the barriers holding you back. Come to create without doubt and confusion about what to choose. 
Take the lead instead of life leading you:  be Captain of your Life!

Awareness is key. We know this. We have done this. Over and over again. And so will you. Successfully!


By the end of the retreat, you will have new tools and methods in the pocket to apply to your life and business at any time.


You can create new innovative extraordinary projects faster and with much more ease than you could imagine. You can bring out the most unconventional plans in this world. You, changemaker...

Tuning into your now expanded awareness becomes increasingly easy and joyful while your accomplishments are enhanced! 

And find your own vision true to you

What would that create in your world?

You will feel liberated, empowered, inspired and motivated to step up, speak up, create that super-special-nobody-understands-this-yet project or business and KNOW with confidence that you will succeed!


Do you recognise this? Is this you?

From all future possibilities you see, and the ideas that keep coming forth in your imagination, you're trying to figure out which would be best to do, but eventually, you end up confused and not choosing anything or choosing something that doesn't work out...

  • You see future possibilities and have amazing ideas

  • but can't make up your mind which to choose

  • and hesitate to step up to do YOUR unique thing

  • You don't want to do things the conventional way

  • You have created successfully in your life already and

  • have the means to work on new innovative plans now

  • but you're not creating it as fast as you want

  • Your projects are 'work in process' and are stagnating

  • you wonder how to make it easier 

  • You want guidance from an expert who understands you

  • You want a breakthrough to clarity

  • and quite frankly you are done with wasting time.

What if you would have a magic formula?

Let’s move beyond the frustration of unclarity

Coming with us you will learn how to most effectively let go of the obvious ánd the hidden beliefs that are limiting your clear vision and hindering you in your actions. Wash away your frustration, find the clarity that you desire making you ever so happy! 


From here you can start moving forward. Knowing how to build that bridge to your awareness (which I am going to teach you) you are clear on your way to create whatever is it you aspire on your own terms, your own way.. successfully.


Escaping the thought patterns that keep you stuck and use your authentic vision instead, results in creating innovative projects, business ventures and adventures genuine to your heart's desire.

What if that encourages this world to become a different, better place? 
Be that leading change-maker that you naturally are. 
And don't be surprised that some hidden talents and capacities may wake up too. Time to step up to be who you truly are!


Release, Expand & Create ... let's Sail!

Are you one of the lucky 8 women to join the select small group on this retreat? 

Are you ready to be guided into the various unique to MikMoves exercises of releasing, expanding and creating?
Are you eager to sense that special synchronicity with the water while we 're sailing or at anchor? 

Then also get ready for full moon energies! Yes, right in the centre of this retreat there is the "Flower Moon". What a contribution will that turn out to be?

You're immediately effectively practising while you learn!
 That's how you get to rapid results.


The contribution of doing this together with the others in a small intimate group adds to the private 1-on-1 sessions you are to receive.


The supportive interaction during and surrounding the sessions keep you inspired and encouraged to keep going.

Are You Moving To Success?

By the end of this sailing adventure, you take with you that tranquility you have been exposed to throughout this intensive 10-day journey. 


Imagine that immense happiness having found the answers to your questions and having received that guidance you required. What a delight!


Now you know HOW to connect with your true self and to create according to your own insights, your own creativity, and with your very own talents.


Gone is the hesitation. You can now expose the strong independent game-changing woman that you are. 

Express your authenticity in your creations, whether it be new entrepreneurial projects or business ventures.

Also, experience how creating from awareness extends blissfully into any relationship and desire in life. 

Oh my! The possibilities are endless... 

Are you ready to dive into your own Ocean of Awareness? 


The Venue... Come Aboard!

The British Virgin Islands... Wow!

Our venue... a fabulous elegant catamaran  Your moving hotel, restaurant and retreat home for a 10-day journey with every day a new view!

The British Virgin Islands border the north-west of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. To the west, the US Virgin Islands are very close, and we might visit there.


Just imagine, white sandy beaches, lush green hills and wind wavy palm trees resting in paradisical turquoise blue waters.


11 fabulous nights and 10 beautiful, adventurous days aboard a  52ft very smartly designed luxury catamaran. Enjoy the comfort and dynamics of this elegant sailing vessel.


Even without sailing experience, this superb venue is astonishing and gratifying. Being on board a yacht like this gives a pleasure of magnitude. 


The cabins are spaciously designed rooms with comfortable queen sized beds, closet space and a sink. All cabins have an ensuite bathroom with a toilet and a shower.


Watch the pictures here in the slide show and get an impression of your temporary home.

Sharing one cabin with two gives you a discount on the per person price. Get in touch with us for the details. 


Are you stepping aboard?


Haute Galley Cuisine for luxury Aware sailors!

It is without saying our private chef will spoil us to bits with excellent mouth-watering dishes.

Whether you are a vegetarian, pescatarian or a meat-eater, the delightful freshly prepared food will be satisfactory beyond words. Your personal preferences will be honoured with creativity and grace.

Every morning the scent of freshly baked bread fills the air, mixing with the unmistaken aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And as your captain is particularly picky about her coffee, you are positively -beyond a shadow of a doubt- getting the very best coffee we can find.


The inviting aromas will lure you out of your cabin to enjoy a fantastic breakfast to pleasantly start your day. Delicious fruits, honey, jam, nuts and fruits, cereals, freshly baked bread, eggs, yoghurt, soy, almond and ordinary milk, cow and goat cheese,.. it's all available.
Look forward to find homemade cookies and maybe Mik's special apple pie on the galley bar during the day.


You will relish the delicious, healthy cuisine with its tropical Caribbean touch. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course healthy snacks during the day. Yummy juicy beverages and the occasional cocktail or wine will complete the menu.


All meals are prepared onboard, in the galley -the yacht's kitchen-, and with use of the bbq. Some days served buffet style, and other days you will be treated to a three-course menu while seated at the dining table. 

Another tasty reason to join us! Bon Apétit!

The Amazing Extra's

The astonishing extra's you get out of this sailing retreat, besides the exclusive innovating retreat content, are life changing in itself.  It all begins with an enormous contribution to your peaceful well-being. 

Dolhins racing ahead of the catamaran. Indian Ocean journey 2016   Copyrights apply. All rights resevered. ©

The Sweet Taste of the Salt-Life

The outrageously beautiful scenery, the gems of nature, the magical ocean-life including dolphins and colourful fish, the ocean with its charm of magnitude, the laid-back ambience of the island life, all combined give you that unforgettable delightful taste of the 'Salt Life'. Beware, it's addictive!  We can confirm ;)

It's true that your time awareness changes onboard. In a good way. You slow down your pace and sense the peace and the power of living-in-the-moment.

Your live-aboard sailing adventure of 10 glorious days and 11 mesmerising nights will anchor in your memory to never forget and embed the sensational experience as if it were 30 days or more. 

The Ocean Spa Relaxation

Soothing water, delicious healthy meals, pleasant company, smiles and laughter, the so needed vitamin-D from our beautiful sun, the warm temperature, the rocking to sleep at night, the sweet dreams of ocean delight. It all adds up to this extended Spa treatment, lifting the vibes of your mind, body and soul. 

Tension and stress escape your body and wash away. Every day your face changes, your eyes become brighter and you feel more ease with a happy body.

The woman glowing back at you from the mirror is clearly more relaxed, more herself and determined to expand on that even more. What can we say? A slight transformation of you might occur.

Balancing Free time and Soul Works

The essentials of this intensive experiential retreat ask for time to unwind and relax and sometimes to blow off some steam. Get into action and discover the underwater world with snorkel and fins, or go for a paddle on the boards, or just take a swim. Go for a hike and explore an island..

Join us for body training exercises early in the mornings! Feel the fun of balancing on the swaying deck.  Believe it; it's a super effective workout!

Visit the favourite places where the famous actors and rock stars have enjoyed this beautiful paradise. Last but not least, join on the cat's nets at night to stargaze while listening to some fantastic stories.

Now what else is possible?

Sail your Heart Out

The sailing characteristics unique to such majestic catamarans as these are outspokenly rich in class, style and performance. The superb cabin comfort and generous deck space guarantee you'll relish your stay aboard.  However, if you like some action you're welcome to participate in the sailing activities.

Assist your captain and crew on deck and get acquainted with sailing equipment and safety. Learn a thing or two about navigation and what trimming sails is all about. 

Let's play and have fun exploring Awareness in a practical sense.  Free your heart and mind to the mystical world of sailing, where the horizon of possibilities  is never-ending and always expanding beyond...


"I did it my way.."

The efficacious synchronicity of the marvellous sailing, the wondrous British Virgin Islands and the astounding facilitation is joltingly effective!

Turbo boost your creations with fun and ease in your own innovative game-changing way, to move forward with unconventional change-making projects and business ventures. (Not to mention the affection on your personal living and relationships in general). 


Avoid being slowed down by your surroundings telling you to stop acting weird and get back in line saying that 'we do things the way they have always been done'. 

Doesn't that just make your skin crawl?!?


Well, here with me on the yacht, I have an open mind to anything. Perceiving possibilities from countless points of view. I don't judge. I don't draw conclusions. I observe and I am aware... Very Aware.

And that's also why I choose according to the conscious presence of awareness and not according to the common way of calculations and weighing pros and cons.

Sounds like music to your ears?

Don't waste your Time

Save huge amounts of time by going directly to the source empowering you from the core.


From your own 'Expanded Awareness' use your innovative insights to develop and fine-tune your authentic vision and step up and "own" your creations.

During the course of the process this tailor-made in-depth facilitation, proven to work like a charm, enriches you with practical exercises that you can use in any situation wherever you may be.


Imagine the delight of ridding yourself from the side-effects of reality - like stress, holding back, insecurities or fears - and be guided back to yourself to gear up with a lasting strong and peaceful self-worth. 

So, besides enhancing your overall perception and functioning from awareness, this eye-opening, to-the-point, rapidly effective, accelerating, multi-applicable and repeatable method gets you to..

  • Explore potent talents and capacities you haven't used before or even know you had.

  • Be even more inspired to be yourself

  • Have fulfilment and joy in your creations.

  • Enjoy the Fun! 

  • Be free to be you inspiring others and yourself!

  • Easy to Learn & Easy to Apply methods


What are the infinite possibilities once you have all that?


Embrace the Change-Maker you are in heart and soul. It's time to come aboard!


Bonus Gifts!


  1. Discovery Call! 
    Your personal chat with Mik after you have signed up: let's discover what you want to get out of the retreat at this point and chart your strategy. A wonderful starting point you can build on!

  2. The Awareness Notebook! 
    As a special bonus only for Retreat members you receive a specially designed inspirational notebook with space for personal words. As soon as your good to go, you can instantly start using it as a preparation to get the most out of your retreat experience.


  3. Secret Oceans of Awareness 2020 Group on Facebook 
    An easily accessible way to be in contact with ONLY the members of your retreat. It's very SAFE, very PRIVATE and not visible for non-members of the group. Meet up before the adventure starts but also share your experiences and pictures afterwards.


Where are you going?

You're going to visit The British Virgin Islands;

The BVI! A stunning environment! You're going to sail around the islands.


The month of May brings sweet summer warmth, the water is exquisite, flora and fauna are amazing, and yet civilisation is at your disposal, while a top design catamaran comfortably navigates you safely among some of the most wonderous islands Earth has to offer.


Gems in the area will astound you, special places we will get to spend some time. Maybe we'll even bump into Sir Richard Branson (or his sailing vessel) as he also once upon a time -just like you now!- discovered paradise here in the British Virgin Islands.



The Itinerary

Our total passage and the places where we will visit and stay for the night depends on wind conditions, as we are sailors after all.


How beautiful is the way that fits so perfectly with how to encompass expanded awareness in real life situations where conditions may vary and influence your possibilities.

What else will you do?

Thanks to the water, the environment and the yacht there is a lovely flow and natural balance between the retreat activities and your free time. 


Go to shore to enjoy the beaches, swim the crystal clear waters, snorkel the fascinating underwater life, or go on a hike and explore the facilities of the different islands.

Now, are you ready to jump onboard in Tortola?

Need we say more? Yes, we should;

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) were devastatingly hit by hurricane Irma on 6 September 2017.


The effects were significant in terms of both human and socio-economic impact on the territory. Irma struck the British Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane during daylight hours. Its trail is still visible in the area we are likely to experience that here and there. 

We are impressed with the resilience of the local people working hard to overcome the traumatic event.  MikMoves is working with local businesses that have been severely hurt by the event and we love to be a contribution by being there. 

Explore and Discover

Enjoy the renowned places where history, music (Kenny Chesney) and cocktails have been made, 

where circumnavigating sailors have anchored their boats and enjoyed a rum or two.., where the famous have visited and enjoyed themselves,  -just like you will! 

Soggy Dollar Beach Bar, Foxy's Place, Willey T's floating bar,
And Seddy's 'Only Love' Bar & Grill where you can leave your
I was here" anywhere on the bar or the walls.

And if he likes you, you get to climb on the roof and enjoy the view :)

Discover the beautiful bays with dreamy white sandy beaches. Approaching from the water is amusingly different.
With our dinghy we will go to shore, feet in the water first.. then get sand between your toes. 

Who needs shoes anyway?

You might get to miss this way of life! You só might need an extra minute to 'let this go'.



Are you ready for the BVI goodies?



  • 10 full-on adventurous days and

  • 11 nights on board a luxury catamaran

  • an ensuite cabin 

  • all onboard served meals and beverages 

  • daily group classes and exercises

  • private one-on-one sessions with Mik

  • the MikMoves' Awareness Notebook 

  • use of snorkel gear

  • use of sub-board 

  • towels and bed linen 

  • an innovative perfume free deodorant

  • a MikMoves® hat to keep the sun out your face ;)


  • nautical safety equipment and gear onboard



  • flights, ferry, taxi and other possible travel costs to and from the yacht location on Tortola, BVI

  • any extra accommodation required on shore before, after or during the retreat

  • travel insurances

  • any meals, snacks, drinks etc you buy on shore

  • onshore shopping

  • additional private sessions, body healing sessions and private readings with Mik

  • your sunny's and sun lotion! 


  • EMBARK in Tortola, BVI
    29 APRIL 2020 (Wednesday)
    4 - 8 pm local time (UTC-5)


  • DISEMBARK in Tortola, BVI
    10  MAY 2019 (Sunday)
    Before 10 am local time 


Awareness Rules onBoard!  

We are professionals at sea and we are going to take extraordinarily good care of you. Having that said we ask of you to be aware too. Being on a sailing vessel requires explicit safety rules and we as professional sailors take that very seriously while we have great fun performing our tasks! 

As a guest on board, we like you to be clear that your captain is boss at all times! Safety of crew, passengers and the vessel is the first priority at all times for your captain. You will receive a mandatory safety briefing before we leave the dock. Before signing up we will update you on several matters.*  


Essentially important during this retreat, is your free time. Balancing the intensity of the work you get to relax and enjoy yourself with activities of personal choice within the time available. Yet, we do emphasize that you are not on a general charter vacation, and certainly not one in which to lose your conscious awareness. In that regard, during this retreat, drugs are prohibited and alcohol consumption is limited to certain events. That includes both onshore and onboard consumption. No exceptions..! We want you to be focused and aware to guarantee your success, getting the most out of your ten days onboard. And above all, we want you to be safe. 

Thank you, the Captain. 

*Please take notice of our retreat policies before you sign up.

Wanna come Sail with us?


So, Is this unique and exclusive sailing retreat for you?

You are the entrepreneurial woman who's very cool with what you have accomplished in your life and career so far, and now it's time for something new. 

Maybe you have reached the point where you are ready to sell whatever company you have built or you already did. Maybe you are accomplished enough to leave a leading role in the company you work for. Or you want to start your dream business and desire to unravel its vision.


Whatever the case, something is brewing! You want to get it out and into the world without procrastination. No beating around the bush, but deliberate hands-on action. Without wasting time achieve effective results.

Professional Woman in an Office
Woman with a Black Jacket
Professional Female
Professional Female

And of course,

You already know how to create, yet deliberate awareness would be a gift. Wanting to take it further with new concepts for a project or a business, on this retreat you’re going to access that part of your awareness that will give you all the clarity you require. 

And isn’t it a tremendous bonus to gain exponentially in your private life and your relationships at that. You're ready for this?

  • ​​create now without wasting time

  • get out of conventional boxes

  • accelerate with your new business and project concepts

  • you love the game-changing experience

  • expanding your unique vision is exactly what you need

  • with exclusive expertise walking the talk which you can trust

Is one of the 8 spots for you?

I welcome you, Power Woman! You 'get' that it takes focus and effort and it is also fun. I am super excited to have you aboard! 

BTW, It is not at all required that you know how to sail. I have great crew! Participating in the sailing activities is voluntary. 

If you can't decide instantly, want more information or wish to talk to Mik first, then get in touch!

Sign up for the email news to stay updated  here :

Contact Mik and have a chat

Get on the Email List

*No worries, we never share your details with anything or anyone. 



Are you one lucky woman of eight to join the retreat? 

What did other women have to say?

“Things change easily when you decide to work with Mik. I think maybe one of the best advantages of being on board with her is that she's a clear example of how to be yourself. She actually creates that space for you. Combining the exercises and the facilitating sessions have given me so much more of me.”

Caren / Business Start-up

“Coming onboard with Mik it shocked me out of feeling sorry for myself a bit. I was obviously holding a lot of stuff for a long time. I really attribute to the Water Whispering trip as having brought a lot to a head for me. After quite a challenge in life I am flying high like a kite again. I am so full of energy now.

Jane / Yoga teacher and Wanderpreneur,  Ireland 

“Because you're on a boat the process and the facilitation just goes on! I totally broke out and beyond my comfort zone and I must add it was a surprise to find how soft the water was to me.”

Gea  / Netherlands

“Clearly, where I held back before, I now feel great space and confidence in stepping up as me. I am spreading my wings and presenting myself in a bigger way than I could and did before.”

Eliza  / Creative writer and illustrator


In the Press

In the Press

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 23.53.58.png

And then lastly, Who is Mik? 

Of course, you want to know who you are going to work with 

How do I know what I know, and am I fun to be around?

Mik, founder of MikMoves®, Your Captain and Facilitator

I live a nomadic life. I'm a sailor, life-coach, photographer and writer. I have been moving around ever since my early childhood, and that bohemian thread throughout my life has a strong tendency to move people around me; emotionally, practically and physically. Hence, the MikMoves® name. 


A physically fit and healthy 51-year-old and mother of a 21-year-old daughter. Freedom I sought all my life, and even with my little one, whom I raised by myself, I found it by following my awareness and being my authentic self.  I never settled for one direction in my life. Never sensed life was about choosing this OR that; I always had the freedom in my mind of this AND that. 


When observing people and issues, I sense the many sides and angles instantly. I sense the opposites and everything in between. That way I don't judge or conclude, but hold my vision high, guiding me to make choices that are in alignment with who I am.


I would do it all again in a heart beat!

The expected and conventional way is not my way of doing things. I seek originality and change with my talents and capacities. I become proficient at whatever I set out to do. Several creative 'professions' in my life have accumulated into a "nomadic sailing intuitive life coach taking pictures and writing books about the adventures"; And-and-and...

So, What else is possible?


Despite some impacting life experiences I continue choosing an extraordinary authentic, happy life with genuine big smiles on my face, lots of laughter throughout countless awesome, beautiful adventures. Nicknamed Giggles for good reason and always positive thinking in solutions and infinite possibilities for avoiding problems


Endless energy and smiles, adventurous and in love with the oceans, the ocean skies with its stars and planets that reveal only out there how stunning they are. Considered a creator of magnitude and world changer, I guess I can say, I walk my talk and have successfully inspired many others to find their authenticity taking away their fears and insecurities to make either small or big decisions in their lives. 

The true journey lies in the act of creation. Artists, Designers, Innovators, they know exactly what that entails. I enjoy teaching the process of creation and how this can definitely also work for you. 



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