Water Whispering World™ 



  • ​full pension

  • private charter

  • all-inclusive packages

  • small intimate group options

  • max 6 participants onboard 

  • tailored to your wishes

  • included in the programs:

  • leading-edge exercises

  • private coaching

  • group sessions

  • group exercises

  • ​​​accommodation includes: 

  • private ensuite cabin

  • queen-size bed

  • airconditioning

  • all meals by an onboard chef

  • healthy detoxing food & beverages

  • use of snorkel gear

  • use sup boards

  • use of towels and bed linen

  • goody bag 

Blue Waters

Introductory examples:


Tune into Water Consciousness

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands **

This unparalleled unique retreat program first introduced 2015, introduces you to the secret capacities of the water and practically has you experience how this benefits you on a cellular and spiritual level.

The essence of this retreat is RELEASING several types of stuck energies that are obstructing your body, mind and soul in moving forward in life freely and with ease. 


The program includes 

  • Specific Exercises with/on/in the sea and the catamaran.

  • Grounding in the Sea: release EMF radiation 

  • Guided meditations calming the mind and expand Awareness

  • 1-on1 Coaching to find and release blockages 

  • Learn and Practice effective releasing tricks to use forever 

  • Visits to the beaches and their shallow surf.

  • Sailing time to uniquely experience the Sea Space

  • Downtime anchored in quiet bays to snorkel, paddle, swim and sunbathe

  • Nighttime experiential events 

  • Yummy healthy meals, and much more..


#rejuvenate #replenish #detox #intermittent-fasting #longevity
#release #create #sailing #retreat


Going beyond...
this is Water Whispering 2.0

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands  **

NEW • We all know the saying “you too can be that drop that builds an ocean”. How united can we be, knowing we are all made of water cells that communicate with each other?

“Another unique explorational retreat on the sea sailing around paradisiacal islands in the Caribbean Sea. Sea of Love™ is Water Whispering 2.0 with an advanced dive deeper into the results you can achieve as water-based creatures. For the love of our planet and life existence itself, the role of LOVE might be larger than life itself..”

This program includes​

  • Magnifying the Water Whispering World™ methods

  • Advanced releasing techniques

  • Advanced meditational techniques

  • Philosophical Sunset Chatter Sessions

  • Group and private 1-on-1 sessions

  • Discover water connection

  • Playful water communication

  • A few night sail experiences

  • Intensely sweet exercises throughout

  • Unite with intentions

  • and much, much more..

#retreat #awareness #expansion #journeytoself #sailing #freedom #choice #release #create 


Turn on Your Awareness Tool

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands  **

The perfect retreat away from your daily environment to fully focus on the expansion of your Awareness; learn by experiencing it. 

The purpose of this retreat is to connect with your true self and learn how to use your own Awareness to assist you in creating your life with authenticity and ease! Discover your heart's desires and dreams to pursue.  Enhance your life in any aspect: relationships, career, business, projects big and small. 

This program includes​

  • Enhancing the Water Whispering World™ methods

  • Advanced releasing techniques

  • Advanced meditational techniques 

  • Be guided to efficiency

  • Breakthrough coaching sessions 1-on-1

  • Group sessions  and private sessions

  • Acknowledge your talents and capacities

  • Discover your heart's desires.

  • night sail experience on request

  • intense but sweet exercises throughout the retreat

  • Set up of your plans, and much more..

  • The practicals are equal as in the first retreat 

#retreat #awareness #expansion #journeytoself #sailing #freedom #choice #release #create 


Your Introduction to more; 
Feel good, get fit retreat! 

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands  **

A healthy body is a tremendous booster to create your life from; It takes away a lot of stress and has you focus on what you really want out of life. Feeling better creates better!

The magic word here is "Group"! Have fun together with relaxing release sessions and meditations or physical yoga-related and water exercises are part of the program with nutritional feel-good value giving you a health boost! 

This retreat one is a stand-alone option, it's a great support in all that you want to get out of any the retreats.
Great as a kick-starter to get acquainted with what a sailing retreat is like. 
It's special and meant for groups up to 6 people. One fixed price for the package, making it fun accessible. 

The results of the program:

  • more ENERGY!

  • feel your body strengthen 

  • build that smooth moving body!

  • And prepare for fat-loss (only if you have to)

  • Gain clarity in thinking!

  • discipline booster !

  • specific group activity. 

  • Add-on services

#retreat #awareness #expansion #journeytoself #sailing #freedom #choice #release #create #nutrition


Utilize Your Imagination

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands **

This uncharted sailing retreat builds on the first two retreats. Be guided and coached how to tap into Consciousness itself.

This is about  Creating for the Future, that starts now. Practice utilising your imagination to create beyond what is now. An exhilarating, inspiring, hands-on experiential opportunity to create the Life you Love to Live 

Create your Future NOW. (Builds on Retreat 1 and 2)

The program includes 

  • Explore Consciousness

  • Expand your Awareness

  • Advance in creating successfully 

  • Explore what is Choice

  • Finetune your genuine desires 

  • Private breakthrough coaching

  • Group sessions 

  • Advanced exercises

  • Enhance your relationships, career, business, projects even more and FASTER

  • Night sail into "I AM” exercise

  • private sessions on board the yacht during day sails and at anchor

  • and much, much more in between the lines..

  • Step in the arena of creating with ease

  • Check the general set up and assets of the retreat at the top of the page

#retreat #awareness #expansion #journeytoself #sailing  #retreat #freedom #choice #release #create


Business teams aligned to reach the common goals easier

2020 /2021

Puerto Rico | USVI | BVI | ABC islands  **

Navigating to Success is for business or entrepreneurial individuals or teams. 
The purpose of this retreat is to coach you to unity with your business purpose and/or your (management) teams.  
This is about all involved in the crucial steps and departments of a business to have their noses pointed in the same direction. 

Every individual person has his or her own limiting set of beliefs and assumption thoughts. Conclusions are usually drawn without a blink of the eye. This retreat will have you become aware of that and will teach you how to get beyond it.


The results of the program:

  • reach goals more smoothly

  • eliminate obstacles, get clear on the focus for content and goalsetting

  • get clear on the purpose and goals before choosing a direction

  • Need a totally new plan within an existing concept? 

  • Change course within a company 

  • Times like 2020 sure have us rethink our course and bearing, so to speak.

  • This retreat gets you aligned. 

  • specific group activity. 

  • Add-on services

#retreat #awareness #expansion #results #release #create #goals #business

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** Destination and duration can be tailored worldwide. Get in touch for your tailored exclusive sailing retreat. 





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