9 FEBRUARY • NIJKERK • Netherlands 

Colourful Event with an interactive lecture to a fruitful network lunch.


This lecture takes you on an adventurous journey illustrating how to create business and life from a different perspective than usual.


To amplify this engaging experience you can join in several entertaining yet effective group exercises. How effective and easy can this way of creating be?
What would you create in the world that would be authenticly yours?


In addition, you may discover how effective your networking becomes during a tasty lunch, an optional extension to the interactive lecture. 

Join us for this colourful event by Mik, the founder of MikMoves®, awareness coach, sailor captain and nomadic free spirit creating life from expanded awareness. 


@ Brasserie Kade 10: 

Westkadijk 10 -  3861 MB - Nijkerk  - Netherlands

10:30 am - 12:30 pm 
Optional lunch from 12:30pm

Ticket: €7,50  Lunch: €12,50 (optional)


Reserve your spot by buying your ticket here: 








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