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in an inspiring and uniquely effective style.

Hello You! 

Creator, changemaker, innovator, out-of-the-box thinker, leader, game-changer,  influencer, powerhouse dreamer; 


  • want to be in charge of your life?

  • wish to take it further, beyond what is here now?

  • ready to transform whatever is not working?

  • prepared to do what it takes?

  • want to discover who and what you truly are?

  • want to find out what truly are your hearts desires?

  • want to make those dreams come true (in this lifetime, please..!)?




  • You are NOT afraid of changing circumstances.. or to change yourself!


  • Are you ready?
    .. to explore the mysterious realms of Consciousness, Awareness and Creation?

Then, here's me... I am Mik, the founder of MikMoves, Moving you Beyond.
Pleased to meet you. You will work with me on your transformation of yourself and your life. more about me here  Opens in new window


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Don't mistake an exclusive sailing retreat for a charter holiday. Or confuse charter holidays now offered as retreats.  A retreat is not just a holiday: it is your opportunity to retreat.
RE-TREAT.  It means participating in a coaching program with the purpose to learn something and evolve in personal growth. 

TREAT yourself to that getaway from what distracts or disturbs your wellbeing and make that journey to self-growth in the most efficient way possible. It's a serious investment in yourself in time and yes, in money, gifting you in return the genuine contribution you can be to the world. 

Time to detox from society beliefs, radiation and unhealthy food.!


Want to know what makes  MikMoves® stand out? 

Firstly, Mik invented the name sailing retreats. That did not exist six years ago. 

Secondly, Mik specializes in releasing techniques for body, mind and soul.  Combining sailing, coaching, and unique water consciousness was a genuine calling and fits the authentic personality that she is. 
Leading-edge Water Consciousness releasing programs linked to exploring Consciousness and Creation are combined in the exclusive sailing retreats. 



Unique and authentic holistic retreats on the sea with an innovative pin-pointed leading-edge approach specifically created to elegantly guide you outside your comfort zone beyond your current reality.




During an exclusive sailing retreat, you experience how to broaden your vision towards horizons unknown; you learn how to create towards the achievement of results in an enjoyable, time-saving and effective way, meanwhile bathing in an ambience of integrity and excellence on a luxury sailing yacht in a nautical paradise.


This pioneer is inviting you to join on such a journey of personal and business growth to healthify, wealthify and beautify your life's adventure in whatever aspect appeals to you. 

Comfortably guided beyond your comfort zone

MikMoves® specializes in creation from the authentic source within you. With that, you can change your life or business, and it will impact results in your current and future projects successfully. 


How does an ongoing flow in your endeavours sound to you?


By identifying limitations and taking them away, it becomes potential to generate new possibilities beyond what you ever thought was imaginable.

In a uniquely effective approach, the Mik's way of facilitating will contribute and support your aspirations for the future, while you, our VIP client, gets to savour the sensations of exquisite locations aboard a spacious catamaran sailing yacht.


Exclusive Sailing Retreats

Sailing on a luxurious catamaran yacht among paradise islands in crystal clear waters - on various possible locations in the world - creates the perfect setting for the unique MikMoves® coaching program. 

Transforming your perception with leading-edge pin-pointed coaching sessions in private one-on-one and intimate group settings that guide you into creating beyond how this reality tells you to and start to recognize options you couldn't before. 

You'll be coached to get to the exact state of mind and expanded Awareness required to achieve down to earth results in what you dream of creating.

Imagine no more barriers holding you back to create what you truly desire.


The MikMoves® "Release & Create" program takes it further. You can achieve actual down to earth practical results while dissolving the walls you keep bumping into. Do you recognize the repetition in your life? Are you aware? Are you done with it?

You will be taught and guided with highly efficient processes achieving just that. And once you know, you can use it for life. Your well-being in life and business benefit from that time and again. 


Your inevitable breakthroughs are possible as you receive the inspiring and empowering guidance from Mik.


The exclusive ambience onboard the yacht, combined with one-on-one discrete and individually tailored coaching, will relieve you of any stress, to then get clear and focused on what really matters to you.


These unique MikMoves® Sailing Retreats are the perfect setting to get you into the space of infinite possibilities and new creations.


Moving You Beyond


What's possible for you?

Contact Mik for your free personal strategy call and a Sailing Retreat tailored to your needs.

Mik is an entrepreneur, professional energy and awareness coach. Besides that, she is a sailor captain and has sailed 24000+NM on oceans and seas about which she is writing a book.  

She studied arts and photography before she specialized in her releasing and creating method. She holds several certifications of well-established modalities and has experience as a trainer. She found her specific way of coaching and training her clients through the unleashing of her personal talents and capacities while creating extravagant changes in her own life. She deviated and detached her work methods from conventional psychology as she had been taught.


Always looking for different ways of looking at things, doing things different and better than before, with a hunger for originality and creative at that, Mik characterizes as a very talented, skilled and travelled lady. A genuine personality bound to inspire and motivate you and move you into a new reality beyond what you know now. 


Her authentic and unique creation, MikMoves®, merges her sailing travels with her specific coaching method and her capacities with water and energies. It is the direct result of expanding her Awareness, and with that, transforming her perception on various levels. This is what she gladly teaches others how to do.

It's possible to book Mik for a presentation event live or online to check out if this is for you, your team, your managers, your organisation or simply you and your friends, 




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