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What are the infinite Possibilities?

Updated: Feb 9


Once upon a time... there was a gal named Mik, who found her authentic calling and she created her niche from that. She went sailing and learned very soon that the water had something special to say to her. The "Water Whispering, Energy facilitating, sailing adventures were born instantly and they tend to change the participant's lives one way or the other.

The contribution of the whole experience stays with the extraordinary people -who actually choose to do this- forever, as it seems and their lives start propelling in directions they had never even considered possible. Even my own, to be honest.

Now, after 5 years, the Exclusive Sailing Retreats consist of phenomenastic coaching programs performed on elegant catamarans in even more expanded tropical waters. Many sea adventures further, all my talents and capacities, and my credentials and achievements few people know of, and also intense life experiences not many know the details of, have merged into one fine brew of magic.

How this gal found her authenticity and how she created her unique sailing business has become a magical source of inspiration. And during the retreats onboard the elegant yachts you are guided beyond the limitations of your own mind. Go beyond into the EXCELLENCE of who you truly are. It's an adventure of magnitude that sparkles with joy! And it sets life in MOTION.

Below is a video clip of one of the first-ever "Acess Bars" boats. On the beautiful Beneteau First anchored in a quiet bay in Greek waters, the women were swapping Bars on deck.

Much energy work was done as part of that Water Whispering Retreat back in 2015, including this Access Consciousness Bars™ process that clears the mind usually for both the giver and the receiver and that sorta explains the way my questions were answered in the video clip; We had a ball with all this and viewing back at this is enchanting, to say the least. More on that whole adventure maybe later.

How we have all grown!

Today, the Exclusive Sailing Retreat program is tailored to business-oriented themes facilitating business teams or groups of entrepreneurs. But also private groups and VIP-retreats enjoy the Release & Create method Mik has designed by practical use and refined for her clients.

The locations to sail are also variable to choose from and not bound to one sailing season in the world anymore. The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful and gave that confident start, but after having sailed the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and several seas like the Coral Sea in Australia and a diversity of the Caribbean Sea, it seems anything is possible.

24000+ Nautical Miles further on my sailing trail, I am in wonder what could be created with a select group of advanced energy workers on one of my retreats? Wouldn't it be cool to sail out with three cats... and do this? :

How much fun would that be?

Anyway, to wrap this up for today and have you on your way.. here's the video of the women running each others 'Bars' on the deck of Blue Star.