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Updated: Feb 9

Just last week have started a Success Ambassador Challenge!

I hope to create a team of brand ambassadors that love to share and promote the MikMoves Sailing retreats while as a team, we pioneer it into the world. When I have a few more interested gladiators (lol) signed up, I can add a reward program. How expansive can that be?

Some talented personalities can stand out or step forward to assist me in promotions on a commission-based 'deal & deliver' agreement. I am feeling this as if it is real. I see it come to life with my mind's eye. It's almost like I can see the faces of the persons who are to be involved. Young and mature, it's all there. And all so welcome. I can sense what kind of characters they are, their energy already radiating, looking for this. What a team this is going to be. OMG, what a thriving opportunity I see.

The winning Success Ambassador of the current Challenge has to bring in a minimum of 3 participants to the upcoming Exclusive Sailing Retreat in February. And having succeeded he or she comes along in November 2020 to gain all the miracles from such an uncharted experience; it's worth $15.000 (USD). That's what you would be paying for the journey if you were to come by yourself and have your own private cabin.

With two ensuite cabins free for instance for 2 x, two friends or couples, or a duo and a solo person can still join this February sailing retreat in the British Virgins.

It could be a team. It could be their team. It could be a group of friends who are in for something totally different. It could be entrepreneurs looking to invest in a goal-setting training to propel faster and more efficient with their business. Working for anything in your life, whether that be business or personal related, is always a gazillion times more effective when working becomes creating and done from INSIDE outwards instead of pulling in from outside of you; authenticity AND claiming authority over you, yourself and YOUR creations! "I" wouldn't have it any other way!

Let your Awareness show you what to do, where to be, whom to talk with, like my Awareness brought me to write this yesterday. Today I am expanding on the text as I reread and had posted it already on a platform I am so grateful to be a part of. What are the infinite possibilities of being seen, heard, listened to, trusted and given any chance to prove this pioneering tall-ship I have created?

I wish to show my creation off to the world. In quantum physics, it is already out there.. it is sailing.. it is coming to life.. slowly sailing into the reality of others.. With every little step more in sight to the persons called to the benefits and the way they will achieve them, they find me as I reach out. It's like a puff of stardust is revealing the magic of this creation per knot moving into existence.

This post is an enthusiastic shout-out to all my friends here to please let me know if you think of anyone that can do this last-minute hop aboard life and business empowering event. Who could you share this with?

Already having participants signed up, it's moving forward with it in any which way revealed possible. I make it so.

It is such an authentic concept that I find myself explaining to people that it's not a sailing instruction journey. Haha No no God, what are they thinking? I believe my exclusive sailing retreats compare to a tall-ship as the Indians back in the day didn't recognize as boats. All they saw because that's what they knew were the rowing boats.

My sailing retreats require this stardust to reveal it's shape and colour and the lightness it can bring into one's life.

These Exclusive Sailing Retreats are actual and real retreats with a personal mission for the participants to get to work (or play and create!) with. Personal growth, business growth, specific aspects one might be struggling with to get straight in their lives; it's all part of the spectrum of possibilities with my Release & Create facilitating training programs.

It's me, Mik, who is the 'Captainess' on the vessel. However, I am also the facilitating coach and counsellor who has founded MikMoves® and designed this effective program as well as the unique concept of the sailing and coaching combined. It was a logical evolution in my own life resulting in this authentic creation. Being on the water is a beautiful aspect and serves a purpose during the program. And now, this is it. I was born on the water, and now I know why.

I discovered I have a knowing, a talent with the water that goes beyond what most people have and with that capacity, I can facilitate my clients on the water with more effectiveness and ease. It's a magical experience and will change any clients perception of water as well, and thus of who they themselves are. It is not a shallow 'law of attraction' program; it is an in-depth intelligent and proven method that can be used both for people that usually function from the mind and equally so for people that perform from intuitiveness.

After almost 15 years of coaching and energetic healing work, and specialized in releasing techniques, and more than 30 years of experience in the process of creation (from conceptual arts to life's adventures) I have studied 'creation' thoroughly and found the finesse and the most effective way to get results fast!

During such a retreat the participants are subject to a life-changing rapidly effective coaching program that entails releasing old beliefs, and patterns of thought, to make space for new creations, and to receive new developments in life but also in goal-oriented business.

Every participant on board receives individual coaching and guidance, and besides that, discretion and privacy are highly valued in all MikMoves services. I usually don't use testimonials for public marketing means because of that discretion and integrity. Yet, it is possible to refer interested people to former retreat participants and current clients.

It's all a personal approach; the reason is that I do not believe in the marketing hypes myself. I am truly fed up with the constant feed and find myself non-responsive to it. Despite my avoiding marketing and advertisement ruling my world of wonder, I do attract what I require to proceed with my plans and my curiosities. Always. Never fails.

And thus, I trust that those who are looking for me and my way of sharing creation wisdom will find me. Those who are not satisfied with just the bla-bla of how-to, but the go-getters, the brave ones. Those curious and ready for something different who want to be shown by guidance and practice and want to experience first hand what this is for them. Thát is my exceptional strength. One needs to come for it though!

The way I work there is no need for the client participants to share any personal details with anybody else in the small group aboard the vessel. And everyone has the option to enjoy private space because the catamaran is big enough for that with 52 ft and at times socialize with each other.

By the way, I can tailor the Exclusive Sailing Retreats also to private groups, friends, couples, or business partners or teams.

Even recently added to the service is having me, Mik, with the program aboard one's own vessel. Although that might change dynamics, it's a possibility to discuss.

So yes, before it all becomes too much blbla.. -because honestly, I could say (and write) so much more- we are coming to the end of this enthusiastic shout-out. And to all my friends here I request to please let me know if you think of anyone that can do this last-minute hop-aboard for this life and business empowering event. Who could you share this with?

Get onboard on the 5th and return on the 16th of February in Tortola, BVI. It is going to be absolutely gorgeous! My crew of two, a professional chef and a first mate and myself are ready to go.

(It would be so sad if I have to reschedule when already having participants signed up..)!

The question "What else is possible now?" is one of those questions with a high creational value. New developments could bring forth new ideas and possibly even the required clients who are able and willing to get on the beautiful sailing vessel with me -last-minute call- to embark on an uncharted journey to the self, in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Here is the info to the challenge and to the sailing retreat in February.

Thank you if you have read so far and for any sharing, also for future retreats. Get a taste -maybe once again - in the video below. It's only a minute of your time, and it's guaranteed to make you feel good... G O O D ..... Good Vibes....

Created with all my love,

Mik ⛵️💫⚓️🙏 ❤️